2013 Summer

The 2013 trip has been PHA’s largest Ukraine trip.  The team had 32 members and worked with orphans, children with disabilities, the staff of a Children’s Hospital, and the staff of a Transitional House for orphan graduates.  In addition to being the largest trip, this has been one of the most successful.

The team of therapists held clinics at two Children’s Rehabilitation Centers located in Kramatorsk and Gorlovka, Ukraine.  At each location the team worked with the children, parents, and staff to increase the quality of life of these children with Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, and Autism.  Wheel chairs, Amtrykes, Standers, and other equipment were provided by Baylor “Our Children’s House” and the “Faith in Action” program was donated to patients at both centers.  Their work had a profound impact that changed the lives of these special needs children.

Our “Aggie Team” hosted a summer camp at the Karlovka Orphanage.  Moral lessons were taught from the Bible, arts & crafts were made, and all types of sport activities were enjoyed.  The Aggies nurtured, mentored, and bonded with these “Throw-Away Kids” that the world has forgotten.  Also, part of this team worked to repair the main waterline running into the facility.  The showers were improved and repaired and new hot water lines were plumbed into the kitchen.  Over the past several years, PHA has helped develop a garden (about 5 acres) and orchard at the orphanage.  Three Aggies helped the staff improve the fertilization program and implement a pest management program for both the garden and orchard.  Since the staff and children grow about 50% of their food, the productivity of this is extremely important.  With the help of a generous donor, a small tractor was purchased which will greatly improve food production in the garden.  In addition to the summer camp and work completed, the Aggies left flip-flops, shoes, shorts, shirts, hats, and other supplies that will greatly benefit the children.  This team had a tremendous impact on these “Throw Away Kids.”

PHA Board members had several meetings to further the work currently being done.  The first meeting was with the Orphanage Director and helping to improve the educational status of the children was discussed.  The second meeting was with the Director of the Gorlovka Transitional House for orphan graduates.  We discussed their success and areas of improvement.  Our final meeting was with the Doctors at a Children’s Heart Hospital.  Our Aggie team provided medical equipment and supplies and discussed equipment the hospital needs to improve their patient care.

Thank you to all our team members and donors.  You made this trip a success.

PHA Board


Dear Friends!Karlovka Thank You Letter

The children and staff members of the Regional Center of Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Adolescents would like to express a deep gratitude to the Christians for their participation in helping the children.

Thanks to your involvement, the quality of life of our kids has been tremendously improved.  Our kids are not “spoiled by life” and are often deprived of parental or any attention.  Thank you for your mercy and kindness, and for your input that you have made in the transformation of the standard state facility into a comfortable and warm home for its pupils.  Comfortable rooms fitted with modern equipment, furniture, and new windows have transformed the institution.  The Center is getting better each day!  The kids’ nutrition has been significantly improved by your efforts.

The New Year is on the threshold and we would like to express our appreciation and wish you health, happiness, and success in all of your endeavors!  May your strength and energy never cease and may all your ideas be fulfilled!  May God keep you safe!


The Administration of RCMSRA


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