2016 Spring

March Tip Report:  “One a Teacher Always a Student”

Our 2016 March Mission Trip was a first of its kind for PHA.  We want to address the lack of a quality education that orphans in general suffer from.  This lack limits them in many ways and can be a lifelong hindrance.  Impacting the education of these children is a way to expand the reach of how PHA’s Transition Program works to improve orphan’s futures.


This March, a team of teachers and administrators from Texas traveled to Ukraine to help improve education in the orphanages, share teaching strategies, develop relationships with Ukrainian teachers, and through that improve the futures of the orphans.

Through the Spring Break 2016 mission trip PHA oversaw a group of American teachers as they worked one on one with Ukrainian teachers at two orphanages through a 2 day seminar at each orphanage called: “Once a Teacher, Always a Student”.  Teaching strategies and educational systems were shared across cultures and the results were a blessing to all who were there.

The days spent in the teaching seminars were a huge success and very well received by both the teachers as well as orphanage directors.

Thank you to Glenda Moore, Sue Hobson and James Russell for giving of your time, your knowledge and your hearts to serve over your Spring Break in Ukraine!

“If it is serving then serve, if it is teaching then teach;”  -Romans 12:7  teach 2