2018 Summer


2018 Summer Trip Report


Camp gets better every year and we know the secret.  Relationships!  The longer we know the kids, the orphanage staff, and all the wonderful Ukrainian Christians the smoother things go.  It’s not because we’ve taught them something special.  If anything, they’ve taught us at least as much as we have them.  It’s because we have a better understanding of each other.  They know they are loved and supported.  They know that PHA and more importantly Christ is there for them.  Dale Wilson from Tyler, Texas has been to Christian camps in Ukraine many times and here is what he had to say.  “All eight of my camps have been great.  I love the people of Ukraine.  Since I love children I love the children of Ukraine.  They are why I suffer through 9 and 10-hour flights.  I will miss the experience of loving and being loved at camps.”  Another one of our American team members was in Ukraine for the first time.  Here’s how she described her experience.  “It was awesome.  The kids were wonderful, the translators were wonderful, and I learned a lot about Ukrainian culture.  It was definitely worth it.”  Thanks to everyone who helped to make the camp possible for our kids!



PHA also hosted a church seminar immediately following camp.  This is our second year to host the seminar.  There were Christians from 11 churches there to discuss family relationships.  Greg Anderson from College Station, Texas had this to share about his time at seminar and visiting camp.  “My time in Ukraine was one of the most humbling yet simultaneously encouraging experiences of my life. The difference PHA makes is evident in the lives of the children and their caregivers and is much appreciated by those who are sharing Good News with the Ukrainian people. I can’t wait to go back!”  Susan Fox and her husband Jerry of College Station, Texas also attended seminar.  “It’s hard to find words to describe the amazing experience of spending time with our Christian family in Ukraine.  The church there inspires me in so many ways.  Their hearts are tender and full of love for the Lord, and their hunger and enthusiasm for His Word are beautiful to see.  I feel incredibly blessed to call these people my brothers and sisters, and feel a shared bond with them that time and distance cannot break.  I pray for many of them daily, and I know they pray for me as well.  Even though Jerry and I just returned from there last month, I am ready to head back to Ukraine RIGHT NOW!”

If you are reading this and feeling moved or inspired we would love to talk to you about being part of the 2019 camp and seminar teams.

-Chris and Christy Hill