Domik (our Day Centers)

Domik LogoDomik translates to “home-like” or “nice home”.  God has blessed us with wonderful facilities for this ministry,  but it is what happens inside, the lives that are forever changed that is the true blessing.

The older orphans who come to Domik are provided with meals, a wholesome place to hang out with friends, shower and laundry facilities, hands-on daily life skills, legal help, much-needed resources, spiritual guidance and fellowship, a learning center with tutoring, and a place of safety and refuge.

Domik Zaporizhia opened in December of 2014 and is currently serving orphaned and at-risk youth 7 days a week.

Domik Poltava opened in April of 2016 and is serving not only area orphans and at-risk youth but church members as well.

Domik Kamenskoye opened in January of 2019 and is serving orphans and at-risk youth in Kamenskoye and the surrounding areas through Bible, English, and Craft lessons.