Medical Equipment and Missions

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To date, PHA has actively helped seven schools for the deaf, eight orphanages, and more than a dozen hospitals and clinics. From baby monitors to laparoscopic and orthopedic surgical instruments to fetal monitors, we continue to send these items where they are needed most. Another great need is education regarding how to use these items, so doctors and heads of hospital departments have also been sent to teach the Ukrainian doctors, RNs, and staff.

Therapists from Texas have also traveled with PHA to Donetsk, Garlovka, and Kramatorsk to work with the children, parents and staff at rehab centers in these Ukrainian cities.  IPads, therapy devices and equipment were taken to these centers and the American therapists provided instruction to the staff there.  These therapists also provided educational materials to the Ukrainian rehab personal to update and train them in the latest therapy techniques.  The therapists also worked with many children and their parents which allowed them to educate, diagnose, treat, and make therapy plans for them.misha new wheelchair 2