Refugee Relief


Refugee . . .  the word seems an odd way to describe a person who is living only a few hours from their home, but in Ukraine the word refugee has become a common way to describe the ever increasing number of displaced people who have fled the war in the eastern part of the country.

As the war continues, more needs arise, and PHA continues to help.  Warm clothes, food, and medicine are being distributed weekly to those in need.  On a visit to one of the dormitories that serves as temporary housing for those displaced from their homes, one can see the faces that tell the stories of hardship and loss—loss of homes, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, loss of dignity and pride.

Ukraine was a poor county before the war.  An average annual salary of $3,600 is a small amount of money on which to pay for a place to live and provide for a family.  Now, with the Hryvnia (Ukraine’s currency) falling daily, that salary has essentially been cut in half in less than a year’s time.

Help is needed around every corner.  The help PHA is providing makes a difference.  This help does not make up for the loss suffered, but it does help with the pain of it.