Program For Humanitarian Aid

PHA is "Being Family"


we are restoring hope

in war-stricken Ukraine.

"I questioned my purpose in life during moments of despair."

- Oksana, A Victim of the War in Ukraine

People's lives continue to be completely torn apart by war in Ukraine.

PHA connects vulnerable Ukrainians to Christian communities who provide hope and healing.

We were serving in Ukraine before the war. We are serving through the war. God willing, we will be serving when the war ends.

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Giving Hope Where it's Needed Most

PHA provides humanitarian aid with a hug and a smile.

Here's Why and How We Do It:

Sharing The Love of Christ

The heart of PHA’s Mission is to share the love of Christ. Everything we do is in support of that goal.

Food and Hygiene Kits

We distribute high-quality food and hygiene kits that contain fresh ingredients that are locally sourced.

Orphan and At-Risk Youth Ministry

Orphan and at-risk youth ministry has long been the core of PHA. It continues to be the heart of who we are.

Trauma Care

PHA understands the importance of addressing the deep emotional wounds caused by the war and is dedicated to providing crucial support.

“The love you gave us cannot be forgotten. It remains in our hearts.”

-Nadia, A Victim of the War in Ukraine

“We come here with sadness, but we leave with joy. Your ministry's motto, "Being Family," perfectly captures what you do.”

- Oksana, A Victim of the War in Ukraine