The PHA family is connecting vulnerable Ukrainian youth with a community who provides loving guidance towards healthy lives in Christ.

While our mission has not changed, in this time of crisis with God’s guidance, we are fully living into our humanitarian aid roots.

Since the war began on February 24th, our ministry efforts have shifted. Today, while continuing to serve orphans and at-risk youth, PHA’s ministry partners are also providing humanitarian aid and helping with relief efforts. 

We are fortunate to be able to continue to get funding into Ukraine.  When we send funds to help, we aren’t sending them into unknown hands.  We are sending them to Andrey our Ukrainian Director and our long-time trusted ministry partners like Ilya, Zina, Marina and El June.  We are in constant communication with them, and they share with us not only the needs of those around them but the also the stories, photos, and reports of how these needs are being met. 

PHA’s staff in Ukraine are helping as they feel led and taking opportunities to serve those in need as they can along with continuing to serve the PHA Family of orphans and at-risk youth.

We are currently helping with relief efforts through local churches and providing humanitarian aid as well as serving the internally displaced refugee population.  This help is primarily coming in the form of food, fuel, blankets, medical supplies, and relocation expenses.

In the Eastern part of the country, we are serving in Zaporizhia, Dnipro, and Kamenskoye.  This help is provided to people as they come through these cities traveling from the East to West where it is safer. A journey that used to take 7 to 16 hours can now take days.  In these cities we are providing housing for a short time, food, clothing, medicine, hygiene supplies, and transport.   We are also supporting the large refugee centers that have been set up for those being evacuated from places like Mariupol which you have likely heard a lot about in the news recently. 

Over 90 percent of Ukrainians are still in Ukraine and where PHA is focused on serving in Ukraine today, we know that there will be future needs with refugees in neighboring countries and we are preparing to meet those needs as well.  Currently we are exploring partnership opportunities in Romania. 

This time spent under the stress and uncertainties of war is providing the perfect opportunity to not only share a warm cup of tea and a hug, but also the love of Jesus Christ. 

We can all follow the example of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine.  While the war is not in the US, it’s important to remember that the duress of it is affecting many people here as well.  The mission field all around us is ripe for sharing the gospel. 

Thank you all for your faithful support during this time of great need.

-Chris and Christy Hill, PHA Co-Executive Directors