PHA is "Being Family"

The PHA Family is Connecting Vulnerable Ukrainian youth with a community who provides loving guidance towards healthy lives in Christ.

Who We Are

Our vision is a Ukraine where every child is equipped to successfully navigate life as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Kids raised in an orphanage in Ukraine have a bed, food and some education.  Their basic needs are met. But what happens next?  What happens when they leave the orphanage?

Around age 16 orphans leave the institutional system in which they were raised.  Without intervention their futures are typically defined by some very scary words. 

Words like Suicide, Homicide, Prostitution, Prison, Homelessness and Life on the Street.

Our Ukrainian ministry partners are working every day in two cities to ensure that our vision becomes a reality.

What We Do

PHA's Transition Program

— Pre-Graduation Mentoring

Our Ukrainian ministry partners offer pre-graduation mentoring and outreach to develop relationships with kids before they leave the orphanage.

— Domik, Our Day Centers

PHA is operating two Domik Day Centers which are places away from the orphanages where Bible lessons, life skills lessons, and fellowship with Christian adults can happen. 

— Summer Camps

Our Summer camps are a special time for the vulnerable youth PHA serves where they can connect with each other as well as American and Ukrainian volunteers. With Bible and life lessons, activities, arts and crafts, and a wide variety of fun and games, camp is a highlight for many in the PHA family.

— Family Homes

PHA provides housing to serve orphans and others in need.  Some stay on an ongoing basis while attending trade or technical school, others stay for a short term as they receive help during a temporary crisis, and others are simply there on weekends and holidays while still attending school at an orphanage.  Family Homes serve as places for weekends, holidays, meals, mentorship, and refuge.

— Bible Lessons

In everything we do we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Our Ukrainian ministry partners have Bible lessons with the kids who come to Domik as well as lead studies with older orphans and hosting worship and prayer meetings.

— Humanitarian Aid

Ukraine is a country of approximately 45.5 million people.  With an average annual income of less than $3,000, a struggling economy, and a warlike environment in the East, there are many opportunities for Christians to help.

PHA is a faith-based organization providing humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies, medicine, food, clothing, and refugee support to those in need in Ukraine.