Program For Humanitarian Aid

PHA is "Being Family"

History of PHA

Program for Humanitarian Aid (PHA) is a faith-based non-profit organization that has helped people in Ukraine since 2008. Over the years, PHA has helped the poor, sick, hungry, and vulnerable in Ukraine. We have supported orphans, disabled children, hospitals, and have provided resources and assistance to improve the quality of life for those they serve.

PHA has acquired and sent medical equipment from the US to Ukraine, and also worked on projects like installing water wells, planting orchards, and improving orphanages to enhance children’s lives.

In 2013, PHA helped rebuild a church in Makiivka, which served as a clinic, community center, and playground.

PHA created our Transition Program in 2013 to support older orphans in their transition to adulthood. We address basic needs and provide a supportive environment by connecting vulnerable Ukrainian youth to a community who provides loving guidance towards healthy lives in Christ.

Due to conflict in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, the Transition Program moved to Zaporizhzhia. In the same year, PHA opened a day center called Domik in Zaporizhzhia, offering life skills training, tutoring, legal help, mentorship, and support from local Christians.

In 2016, PHA opened Domik Poltava, serving orphaned and at-risk youth in and around Poltava. It provided Bible lessons, life lessons, mentorship, and a sense of community through church members. Domik Poltava operated until 2021.

In 2019, PHA established Domik Kamianske in Kamianske, Ukraine offering English lessons, Bible classes, and life lessons to orphaned and at-risk youth with the help of local volunteers.

When the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in 2022 PHA shifted our focus to helping internally displaced Ukrainians. We also expanded the scope of our service to include Dnipro, Ukraine. While our mission has not changed, in this time of crisis with God’s guidance, we are fully living into our humanitarian aid roots.

When the war ends in Ukraine, PHA plans to shift our focus back to orphaned and at-risk youth.